Our sponsors & their donations

The Adventurer’s Summit supports the UK Friends of Healing Focus and through our Charity raffle we try to raise some much needed funds. Charity has also a place in the hearts of all Adventurers. Supporting the UK Friends of Healing Focus, of which Paul Freeman (aka René Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark) is Chairman as well as Founder Member, is very important to us and we hope that we will once again be able to raise as much money as possible at this year’s Adventurer’s Summit charity raffle.

Remember, each and every contribution will help to build a brighter future for the Orphans in Busiiro village, Uganda.
Tickets for the raffle will be sold at our event and there are plenty of amazing prizes to be won. All money raised through the ticket sales will go towards the UKHF charity.
We have reached out to possible sponsors and are overwhelmed by the generosity that they have shown us by donating so many wonderful prizes for our charity raffle! For that we would like to thank all our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts. On the next few pages we would like to introduce our sponsors as well as the prize they are donating!



Our sponsors / Illustration

Mark Raats

Born in the late 1950’s, Lucasfilm artist Mark Raats was attracted to art at a young age practicing his drawing skills by copying Hal Foster’s weekly comic strip – Prince Valiant. Mark Raats’ first official project for Lucasfilm … more >

Jerry Vanderstelt

has been drawing since he was a young boy at the age of eight. His interest in Sci-Fi and Fantasy was sparked when he first read C.S. Lewis‘ „The Chronicles of Narnia“ books. Later, he discovered J.R.R. Tolkien‘s „The Lord of the Rings“ … more >

Paul Shipper

is a freelance illustrator best known for producing key art and imagery for film, entertainment and advertising. Born in Manchester, his formal education ended in 1997 with a BA in illustration and Animation from MMU … more>


Tung-Feng Chang, also known as Azuma currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. He worked as an Art Director for 4A AD agencies for many years, and is now a producer for commercial films and the youtube channel: TKstory … more>

Jason Kincaid

is an illustrator/designer who lives in Columbus Ohio. He received his degree in graphic design and illustration in 2005 from the Columbus College of Art and Design. His illustration work reflects … more >

Roby Amor

Roby Amor Although relatively new to the international art scene (he started in 2014), Roby has done some fine work in the last couple of years. He actually set out to become a doctor before realizing that his true passion was to fill … more >

Patrick Schoenmaker

is a character designer and animator, based in the Netherlands. His work has been used in a wide range of fields, including magazines, art prints, toys, short films and feature animation … more >


Grzegorz Domaradzki, aka ”Gabz” (born 1979). Graphic designer, creator of posters and illustrations, art and cinema enthusiast. Graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, where he lives and creates … more>


Eugene Shin is a self taught digital artist/videographer based in Los Angeles California. Originally a Wedding Videographer, Eugene’s passion for movies and especially Indiana Jones has opened up his interest in the arts such as painting and graphic design … more >

Jason Palmer

Jason has been drawing professionally since 1990, painting covers for Star Trek.  Since then, he’s worked as an illustrator on a vast variety of projects.  Creating art for TV shows, story boards, concept work, collectibles,  … more >

Brandon Dennis

After watching Raiders on the big screen in 1981 Brandon’s life was never to be the same again. Brandon Dennis, thAfter watching Raiders on the big screen in 1981 Brandon’s life was never to be the same again. … more >

Darren Douglas

Darren has been an Indy fan since he was 9 years old and first saw the trailer on TV, where he was sure they cut from the leap from the path of the boulder to the fall in front of the cobra, causing Darren much indignation when he finally saw … more >

Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos

Born in Granada (Spain). After working as a graphic designer for a while, he obtained a degree in Illustration at the School of Art of Granada. There, thanks to a classmate, he discovered what he wants for his professional future. … more >

Joe Corroney

Joe Corroney

Joe Corroney has been illustrating official Star Wars and Star Trek artwork for books, games, trading cards, comic books, posters, prints and magazines since 1997. Some of the other comic books he has illustrated include … more >


Our sponsors / Outfitters

AdVintage Hats

Having been an Indiana Jones fan from the very beginning, Thomas Osygus has always been fascinated by the different kind of hats our hero has worn throughout his adventures. So it was the obvious choice to … more>


Henschel Manufacturing begann sein Geschäft in St. Louis im Jahr 1947 und war führend in der Kopfbedeckungsindustrie, indem es Produkte von höchster Qualität anbot. Zu ihren Produkten zählen die sehr beliebte Breezer Collection … more >


has a long and established heritage in British Hatting drawing an eclectic succession of patrons including International Royalty, politicians, artists, celebrity and hat connoisseurs alike since its founding in 1889. … more>


are the very talented Roberto (Architect) and Diego (Travel Agent), both friends and Indy fans. Early in 2008, when Indy IV was yet to be released, they wanted to have hats for themselves, but the few acceptably accurate options … more >


Blake Bruning is the man behind the Trinity Whip Company. Whips have always been his biggest passion of the Western arts. He has been cracking them for over 13 years and he has made over 1,000 whips in his professional career. … more >


Once upon a time in the land of Kent, a man called Peter Botwright made the decision to create his own leather specialist firm and over 30 years later the company still stands as strong as ever. … more>



Our sponsors / Memorabilia


In 1982, in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Chris Strompolos, eleven, asked Eric Zala, twelve, a question:“Would you like to help me do a remake of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK? I’m playing Indiana Jones.”And they did it. Every shot, every line of dialogue, every stunt … more >

Sean Puckett

is an Indiana Jones fan to the bone as well as an Indy addict! He has been obsessed with the whip cracking crusader since the first time he saw him swing across the screen. Sean has persued obtaining the best Indy gear for most of his life … more>


Brandon Kleyla, aka Trader Brandon was the decorator behind Trader Sam‘s Enchanted Tiki Bar and Trader Sam‘s Grog Grotto. No one understood the impact of Tiki on themed entertainment better than Brandon … more >