With a heavy heart we have to inform you that the Adventurer’s Summit will not take place this year.

We in the Summit organization team had agreed from the beginning of our planning that the Adventurer’s Summit will only take place if it is guaranteed that it can be carried out without any ifs, ors, or buts.

What we could not imagine is a Summit where we have to take all precautionary measures and distance rules into account or adhere to them. After all, the Adventurer’s Summit is a get-together of friends and like-minded people and the cozy get-together and exchange among each other was and still is the main reason why we hold these Summits.

Although politicians promise us that the speed of vaccination will pick up considerably in the next few weeks, we still assume that a meeting in September will only be possible (if at all) under very difficult conditions and requirements. To make matters worse, we are bound by strict booking deadlines, and it will no longer be possible to cancel the event free of charge from the beginning of May. The communication with the star guests we are considering also showed that due to the general situation (and especially the prevailing situation here in Germany), no promises to participate can be made. Even the participants who are coming from abroad cannot make any firm commitments at this moment, because here too one has to wait and see how the situation in Germany and the topic of “international travel” develops. Hotels and restaurants are still closed and there is no telling when things will return to normal. Due to the fact that the hotel and catering industry are particularly hard hit by the pandemic, it is not even clear to us whether our partners will even survive this economic crisis.

All these factors and the associated uncertainty about what else to expect in the coming months have led us to cancel this year’s Adventurer’s Summit … a decision that is extremely difficult for us because we were really looking forward to welcoming you all in September.

We know that you are just as disappointed as we are, but we hope for your understanding.

So what’s next?

We would like to continue with our planning and organize the Adventurer’s Summit 2022.  We would try to adopt the program that we originally planned for this year’s event as far as possible for the 2022 Summit.

However, we would set the date of the event to an earlier date (in contrast to the previous Summit dates). Right now we are looking at mid/end of June 2022 as a possible Summit 2022 date.

So stay tuned for more info to come.

Until then… take care and stay safe.

Your Adventurer’s Summit Team