Hotel “House in the Streets”


The accommodation and also the main venue of the Adventurer’s Summit 2021 will be the historic hotel „Haus in der Strassen“ (english: House in the Streets) in Solingen. In order to be able to use all of the hotel’s facilities exclusively for us, the accommodation is provided there for all attendees of the Summit. All rooms of the hotel are pre-booked by us and the booking of your room must be processed via us.


The Inn in the Streets (actually “House in the Streets”) is a historic inn and monument in Solingen-Burg, Wermelskirchener Straße 12-16.

  • It is historically mentioned for the first time in 1513.
    Over the centuries, the building changed hands several times.
  • In 1523, Duke Johann Berg leases the “In the Streets” to Tilman Blewell
    for six Malter of oats annually.
  • In 1638, “In der Strassen” was divided among several tenants: Jacob and Johan am Trogh and Peter Enken, Thomas von Viehelings and Wittib Caspar Eichholtz as well as the waiter Wilhelm Sigenmundt.
  • In 1848 Franz Arnold Jäger acquired the estate through the foreclosure “Daniel Hoesterei against heirs Peter Bremer”.
  • In 1850, Franz Arnold Jäger replaced the basic interest rate of the lands by paying 33-5-8 thalers to the domain bank.

The inscription in the lintel on the street dates from 1673: “The house is in the hands of God. It’s called In the Streets. God is and should live in it. From harm of misfortune and fire, I will reward you with eternal bliss, who will prescribe this house here.”

Now used as a hotel, the „Haus in der Strassen“ offers comfortable accommodation with excellent value for money and short distances to local attractions. Castle Burg is only 100 meters away and the cable car “Burg” is 400 meters away.